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Our shared life involves a process of ‘winnowing’ - a small group process, listening to scripture and each other guided by the Holy Spirit.
  • Read the Bible passage
  • Waiting and hold silence.
  • Read the Bible passage again.
  • Share together how God has spoken through the passage.
  • The space to question one another without 'telling' - Drawing from Appreciative Enquiry
For each Participant:
  • Each has 15 minutes uninterrupted to bring something to the group.
  • Then for the next 15 minutes the group can ask questions - Appreciative Enquiry
At any point other than the 15 minute 'bringing' participants can draw the group back to the Bible passage. Confidentiality is respected and agreed, suggested models are given.
  • Read the Bible Passage again.
  • Pray for one another.

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Enquirer's Day Reflections

12 of us gathered in Coventry recently for the first Sodality of the Holy Spirit (SHS) Enquirer's Day. We came from nearly all corners of our islands to listen to each other, to listen to God and to begin to discern a vocation to the Sodality. It was a particular delight to see both lay and episcopally ordained represented on the day and to share it with our patron, Rt Rev’d Paul Bayes, the Bishop of Liverpool.  The day began with coffee. We then gathered around a table together for an opening prayer and Mthr Leah and Fr Simon introduced themselves and played out how wemight spend our time together.  Mthr Leah then explained one of the core practises of the Sodality - Winnowing - which is a two fold process of listening: firstly to Scripture using Lectio Divina (the opportunity to prayerfully listen deeply to a passage of scripture whilst being attentive to what God may be saying through it to us in our context); secondly to prayerfully listen to each other using a form o

Enquirers Day - 26th November 2016

The Sodality of the Holy Spirit is an inclusive community of individuals committed to developing the charisms (intentional, missional, expectational) in their own discipleship and ministry. For ordained and lay leaders, men and women. Rooted in the Church of England but open to all creedal Christians. Our first enquirer's day is at Coventry Cathedral on the 26th of November 2016. For part of the day we will be joined by our  Patron , Bishop Paul Bayes. The cost for the day is £12.50 via Eventbrite, this covers basic costs for the cathedral - a collection will be held on the day towards any further costs. Please email us at  or use the contact form if you would like to join us. We will then send a link to the Eventbrite page. Our structure for the day 9:30 AM Arrive & Coffee 10:00 AM Welcome & Introductions 10:15 AM Winnowing 11:20 AM Coffee 11:30 AM Winnowing Reflections 12:00 PM Holy Communion 12:45 PM Bring a packed Lun

Bishop Paul Bayes to be Patron

We are delighted that Bishop Paul Bayes, the Bishop of Liverpool has agreed to be Patron of the Sodality of the Holy Spirit. Bishop Paul writes: "The church needs resilient, well equipped disciples, alive to the will of God. I warmly endorse the SHS, as a group of people seeking to be a part of what God is doing to renew the Church." We look forward to welcoming Bishop Paul to part of our Enquirers Day on 26th November 2016